Wednesday, January 31, 2007

There's no place like home...

For two years, as of March 1st, Dave and I have enjoyed living in our canalside perch on the Keizersgracht. We have an A-frame flat on the top floor that has provided the perfect breeding ground for memory-making as new A'damers.

Who can forget Paul, our first best friend in Amsterdam...the deli owner from around the corner who provided Dave, in the early months, not only savory snacks, but good hearty friendship. Or at least, so we liked to think...

And, of course, the bakers on the corner. We buy our bread freshly made by the half-loaf from here. Not to mention appel-floppen (apple pastries) and bolussen (these amazing sticky caramel rolls). The bakers there have come to know us as the Americans who do their best to ask for their goods in Dutch.

The bakers' next door neighbor is Letting...home of the best (and actually, the only, as far as we can tell) eggs, bacon, and toast breakfast in A'dam. They also know us and now have also come to know Rembrandt. He is allowed a spot on the booth with us, and without asking, they'll bring him a doggie dish for water (usually accompanied by a few Scooby snacks!).

Down the street is Vergulde Gaper...The Golden Gaper (as in, someone's mouth gaping open). A classic brown bar with all sorts of Dutch snacks, like Bitterballen (deep friend gravy balls), tostis (grilled cheese sandwiches), and broodjes (large bread roll sandwiches).

But now, a new address.

We are absolutely thrilled to let all of you know that, as of March 1, we will be moving into a new THREE bedroom apartment! For those of you who just might be considering a trip out here, I want to do everything in my power to tip the scales. Come stay with us. You'll have your own bedroom and bathroom, not to mention easy eating in our kitchen.

Please give it a thought. We promise a fun time out here!


p.s. - A few snapshots from our new place. Friends Damien and Fiona (and baby Anya...not seen here) stopped by to look at our new place last weekend.

Reach out and touch someone...

Through the wonders of modern technology, I have acquired a US number at which you should be able to reach me (or virtual me, if I'm busy picking tulips):


Wait...I think I hear my phone ringing...


Goede middag!

Hi all and greetings from Keizersgracht 44.

It's taken me two years to finally concede to the powers of mass-communication. Living overseas provides more fun stories to share than I can keep up with in individual emails. So, I would be honored if you included The Amsterdam Files among your list of blog sites.

I hope you are all well.