Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Better Than Fiction

My dear friend Jenn Alexander has just released a long-anticipated debut album, titled "Better Than Fiction."

Jenn is a one-of-a-kind soul. Her songs are the tender-hearted voice of her experience. Each one was written in dedication to someone she loves. A beautiful tribute in every track.

The album is a mix of ballads, soul, pop...a potpourri of all sorts of tasteful listening.

Take a listen here .

I had the chance to meet her in Nashville this fall to lend a hand with piano, Wurlitzer and string arrangements.

She is a wonderful woman who deserves much success. I hope you enjoy what you hear...

(Album will be available on iTunes in January 2009. She is currently taking orders for hard copies. You can reach her via email at:

Please Don't Eat Sushi, Love Mom

Six years ago, when still living in LA, I would make a trip to David L. Abell's Fine Pianos in Beverly Hills on days when playing the Kurzweil just wasn't enough.

Over a few visits, I became friends with Mr. Abell himself and the manager there, Adam Chester.

Adam. You gotta meet this guy.

A songwriter. A storyteller. A stand-in pianist for Elton John's band. A comedian.

Check out his latest project.

Gobble gobble...

Eighteen people are headed due east by bicycle at 15 kilometers per hour. They reach their destination and ingest the following:

2 enormous turkeys
4 gallons of gravy
1 highly-coveted pan of sweet potato casserole
10 kilos of mashed potatoes.


How long before the onset of collective tryptophan coma?

A) As soon as the turkey is served...just SEEING it makes you sleepy
B) Somewhere between Andre's third and fourth re-fill
C) After finishing Donna's apple pie
D) Before starting the massive clean-up in the kitchen

Ah yes. Another grand November feast. In the absence of long-standing hosts Jenn and Asif, Dave and I inherited the honors of keeping a group of ex-pats fed and merry on Thanksgiving. Our party (on Saturday, as Thursday is not a holiday here...naturally!) was, for many in the group, the fourth formal round of giving thanks together here in Amsterdam.

It was a beautiful evening, thanks to the presence of all who came AND those who joined us via video chat...Andre, Aurelie and Aisha from Vancouver...Jenn and Asif from Austin, Texas.

To all,
Dave and I are so grateful for you...our amazing friends and family worldwide. Wherever we are, wherever you are...either here in Amsterdam, back in the States, or beyond...home is where the love is. And there's no place like home.

We couldn't be more thankful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Lynn, Dave and 5