Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Better Than Fiction

My dear friend Jenn Alexander has just released a long-anticipated debut album, titled "Better Than Fiction."

Jenn is a one-of-a-kind soul. Her songs are the tender-hearted voice of her experience. Each one was written in dedication to someone she loves. A beautiful tribute in every track.

The album is a mix of ballads, soul, pop...a potpourri of all sorts of tasteful listening.

Take a listen here .

I had the chance to meet her in Nashville this fall to lend a hand with piano, Wurlitzer and string arrangements.

She is a wonderful woman who deserves much success. I hope you enjoy what you hear...

(Album will be available on iTunes in January 2009. She is currently taking orders for hard copies. You can reach her via email at:


thomas myrmel said...

Lynn, I happened across your blog while looking for some things about thanksgiving... It was great to meet you at your mini-opera part of the Marco Polo event. I'll be back in Amsterdam in January, maybe there's a chance to meet up?
look forward to it,

Thomas Myrmel

Janae & Michael said...

Dying to hear what's new with you -- post an update soon (tit for tat, there are many new "Ansel" posts on his blog -- check them out!)

Anonymous said...

Lynn - waiting for a post. Let's go.

Jolie Loeb said...

I keep visiting, but nothin'. Your fans are getting restless. Throw us a crumb, will you?

In Need of a Lynn Fix, Los Angeles