Monday, October 15, 2007

A pocketful of Pramls...

Can you imagine my absolute shock and joy to discover a few months ago that not only Bridget, but Bridget plus her whole family were coming to visit us in Amsterdam?! I love Bridget's husband Jim and their three kids, and couldn't wait to see them. (And I think kudos need to go out to B&J for taking on the task of three kids under the age of ten in Europe...WAY TO GO!!!)

We had lots of fun together, most of which just involved being together. We ate out. We ate in (Matzo Ball Tuesday). We walked. And walked. And walked. Dave and Jim went to the Heineken Museum. We took the kids to Vondelpark. We ate pancakes at 9 pm at a restaurant on a boat, all while being entertained by our waiter's magic tricks.

And probably the highlight was The First Annual Hutchinson-Sheldon-Praml Wii Tournament, hosted by an energetic and extremely capable host...Uncle Dave (who missed the first half of their trip due to business travel. The kids had been waiting in great anticipation to play the Wii with their Uncle Dave).

Love you, Sunshine...a big huge hug to the entire Praml clan. We're so glad you made the effort to be with us. Amazing.

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