Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Radio free Europe...

Following an exilerating yet exhausting evening of launching his career as a sound engineer, Dave got up Monday morning for a 8:30am radio interview with BBC Radio about the project he's been working on in Coventry, England.

Dave's role goes something like this: developers contact Jerde about the possibility of building a new shopping center. Dave visits the site and gets inspired by the potential of the city and convinces said developers, city council and other city stake holders into considering not just a new mall, but a new city center masterplan.

Bingo. Bam-o. Bullseye.

After spending about a year to build the relationships necessary to see the idea through, there is now discussion of a 1 billion pound improvement to the city and it seems everyone's talking about it.

If you want to read more about it, click here to check out one of many newspaper articles that have come out this week about this.

Just call me a proud wifey.

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Pianoarthur said...

It just goes to show that ...wherever Lynn and Dave go, blessings and success follow. Congratulations you two.