Tuesday, February 5, 2008

To my girlfriends in the States...

Between Karen being here last week and now Beth and Charlotte, I'm realizing just how much I MISS you all. From the very bottom of my heart. It's such a great thing to have my dear sister here to laugh and talk with (Dave is also out of town...so this is an actual factual, bona fide GIRLS's week). And I'm so grateful for that.

But having such a great time in the last two weeks has reminded me of the loss of being near you all...of grabbing that cup of coffee, catching a movie, or chatting while maneuvering through traffic on the way home.

Miss you guys so much that it hurts sometimes! I have a wonderful group of women here who I enjoy, but our history only extends back a year or two. We have miles to go before we can explore the inner depths of both love AND closets.

So, would somebody please go get a latte with one of your girlfriends today...and talk about clothes and men and books and dreams and all sorts of wonderful things? Please...do it for me!

(Oh yeah...and don't forget the chocolate!!!)


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Gabi & Jolie said...

I'll take Sydnie back to Peet's, does that count? We are always thinking of you, and missing you right back.

A table at Urth is ready when you are. Anytime, anyday. You say when, we'll have the Spanish lattes waiting.