Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Corporate Wii...

Dave and I hosted a dozen suits for gourmet hospitality and epicurean amounts of beautifully-presented burgers and fries. And no gathering of highly-powerful conference-goers would be complete without an artificial tennis game.

(Oh yes, we did.)

We handed these seasoned business professionals a new weapon...a Wii control...and let them battle it out. Not caring whether their Mii was a little blonde girl in a pink dress or an electronic Mel Gibson look-alike, these guys played like pros.

And to help wash it all down, good friend and Heineken executive John Ricketts hooked us up with a tap for the evening.

These guys are accustomed to corporate dinners that begin with raw meat, continue with assorted fish accompanied by salsify or something to do with foam, and is ended by cheese platters and cappuccinos served in fine china.

But Dave wanted to give them some in-house comfort. A place to shed your tie and leave your business cards in your pocket for a night.

And we had a great time.

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