Sunday, September 7, 2008

When the levees broke...

It's 10:57, Sunday night. Dave is mid-air, somewhere between LA and Colorado. And I just finished watching the fifth of five in the HBO tv series "When the Levees Broke." A documentary by Spike Lee about Hurricane Katrina.

I'm sitting very still. Soaking in all the information. The images. The sounds. The enormity of it all.

When Katrina hit, I was consumed with our then new life in Amsterdam. In retrospect,I didn't know anything beyond a surface understanding of what was going on.

Three years later, I'm sitting here in a belated stupefied state.

I've included two clips from the documentary here, if you are interested. If you want to experience the full breadth of the films (complete with Terence Blanchard's haunting score), you can purchase the 5-part series for $19.95 on iTunes.

Of course, twenty dollars can also go to needier hands than the good folks at iTunes. But if you have any inkling to know more about what happened, to hear first-hand accounts, or want to be moved to direct some otherwise wayward donation dollars toward people who need it, check it out.

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