Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Color and light...

Behold the Sun Shower.

That funny oxymoronic stunt that brings together two of nature's strongest heavyweights: Sun and Rain.

This week has been famous with sun showers.

Two things that don't belong together. And not in a chocolate and peanut butter kind of way...an interaction that has brought endless joy to everyone.

No, in a directly opposite kind of way. Although I don't have the scientific vocabulary to name it, there is some certain fact to RAIN = NO SUN. SUN = NO RAIN. It's almost as if the existence of one is defined solely by the absence of the other.

I biked to the grocery store in crisp autumn sunshine. An easy and enjoyable trek.

Thirty minutes later, I was racing for home. The sun, directly aligned with my front wheel. And the rain, over the back. I was being chased, pure and simple, and I was going to do my best to get me and our dinner ingredients home safe and dry.

This strange affair is Mother Nature's way of uniting what seem to be enemies. Maybe they need that, Sun and Rain, every once in a while. Just to remain humble and to realize that they do indeed share the stage.

But they fight it out, their argument allowing countless collisions of hues. Rainbow painted skyscapes trip over pumpkin-capped houses. Browns and greys straighten their gloomy wet postures when the sunlight bends over and kisses the upper floors. And green has never been so yellow while at the same time, still being green.

As I wiped off the ground beef and wrung out my jeans, I couldn't help but feel slightly invigorated by the dance of polarity happening outside our windows.

Opposites really do attract.

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