Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Norm and Brenda...

In the midst of travel, school ending, and puppies, I have completely neglected to spotlight our fabulous visitors of a few weeks ago...Norm and Brenda. They came out on Dave's birthday and left five days later. And we had a great time together!

We started their visit by having dinner at Zuid Zeeland (where we also ate for our anniversary), shared meals together at our house, watched tv, went to the Saturday morning market, sang songs around the piano, Dave took them to the flower auction...

But best of all...on this, their fourth trip out to Amsterdam, they decided to give biking a try! I was so proud of their willingness to give it a go. For two people who haven't been on bikes for many years, they showed lots of courage in joining the ranks on the streets of Amsterdam.

Thank you so much for coming out for a visit, N&B! What a fun week! We, the staff at Helen van Herengracht, look forward to seeing you here again sometime.


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