Monday, July 16, 2007

Now divisible by both three AND eleven...

The invincible, unstoppable, unwavering glow of a human being...Mrs. Jolie Loeb...just welcomed her 33rd year of blessing the world with her dynamo. We, the staff at The Amsterdam Files, want to wish you all the very best, Jolie!

Jolie and I met in LA when I was working for Suzie, as Jolie was the event coordinator for one of Suzie's favorite charities. As it turns out, we found in each other kindred spirits - united by an increasing distaste for our then current job situations. But of course, there was much more to it than that!

In Jolie, I have a great friend. A trusty blog companion (hers, by the way, was the inspiration for mine). A fellow lover of all things of the Urth. And she's the best dang cheerleader I have ever met.

So much love to you, Jolie. Happy birthday.

Lynn of the Tulips

p.s. - Check out Jolie's blog. She is amazingly gifted at poetic speech. Especially when it comes to describing her life with soon-to-be one-year-old daughter Sydnie. Trust me...your heart will be a warmer place after reading.

Click here to get there.


Arthur said...

Do you have the link to Jolie's blog?

Laura said...


Lynn placed the link already click on here in the last line and you will come to Jolie's blog.

Jolie said...

OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!! I'm not sure I've ever been so flattered!!! Here I logged on, in need of my Lynn fix, and this is what popped up!!?? Lynn, I am not worthy. I never have been. But for you, I will keep on trying.

My humble and overwhelming thanks to you and your staff. Honored doesn't even touch it.

Jolie's dad said...

Lynn, how very sweet and so true. As I remember when Jolie was a little girl and how wonderful she was/is.....wait until we see what we all have in store for us with little Sydnie.
It was so good to meet and spend some time with you in Los Angeles.