Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 20, 2007 - Buffalo, Minnesota...

Well, ladies and gentlemen...big news. Big furry news. We are welcoming another dog into our family as of today.

Number Five (uh...any other dog name suggestions out there?!) came home with me (and Alaina) after spending the first four months of life with his breeder in Kandiyohi, MN (three hours southwest of Twin Cities).

I found the breeder on the internet and discovered that, lo and behold, she had one pup left from her last litter. And this little guy is a gem!

Unfortunately, Dave left for Amsterdam a few days before I met the little guy, so he had to just trust me to make the decision on this. It such a bummer that he can't be here for all of the fun first days with the pup, but I try to send him updates once a day.

He's compiling what I write and the pictures I send on a separate blogsite. Click here to check it out.

Welcome, little pup. We're so glad you're a part of our family.


Laura andTiffani said...

HI Lynn,

I already heard from David on the phone that you had a new member of the family and i just showed Tiffani the pictures on the site from No.5 and she is suggesting the name Vagebond (It the the dutch translation for Tramp, from the disney film the Lady and the Tramp).

Lets us know when you are back with that cuttie and we come by to bring a little present.

Love and regards,
Laura and Tiffani

Gabi & Jolie said...

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME NUMBER FIVE!! Are you in Honor of Beethoven? Chanel? The mind reels! Regardless, you have entered four of the most loving arms a four legged friend could ever begin to fathom. I can't wait to track your adventures and follow you down the yellow brick road. Kiss those parents of yours for me . . they're as good as good gets.