Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 6, 2007 - White Bear Lake, MN...

Well, Number Five had to leave a definite impression on grandma and grandpa before taking off for Amsterdam. On our last night in MN, the humans in the house decided to play Aggravation (had to see if dad's "lucky chair" theory could hold water for one more round), and the canine decided he would repay grandma and grandpa's generous hospitality by helping with the dishes.

Only wish I could've captured on film the the fast-paced racing action of dad and N5 playing "kitchen" (running in lightning-speed circles round and round the kitchen island. Hours of fun for everyone, really.)

I can't thank you both enough, mom and dad, for welcoming us both in the house for an extended stay. Number Five hopes to see you soon. He has all sorts of new tricks to show you.

Love you,

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