Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another quiet Sunday morning...

Rem and I took another leisurely stroll around the neighborhood this morning. Sundays truly are the fairest of them all. I grabbed my camera so I could share with you a few more visuals from "onze buurt" (our neighborhood). Canals, store windows, sidewalk gardens, our favorite bridge, our bikes tethered together outside our door.

Dave and I had a well-balanced weekend, full of many of the things we love - fabulous friends, good food, great movies.

Not wishing for a thing on this perfect Sunday.

Here's to a great upcoming week for all.


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Gabi & Jolie said...

My Lovely Lynn your photos are truly magnificent. One postcard after another. LA is going to do have do some serious soul-searching if we have any hope of winning you back.

Sydnie and I will get on that immediately. Maybe I'll give her a camera and see what she comes up with. Nah, she'll just put it in her mouth. We'll work on it. Stay tuned while we put our heads together.