Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To R-moe, with love...

Dear Dave,

While you're out right now working hard, shaking hands and exchanging cards with hundreds of Euro business folk in France, I'm here at home in our beautiful new house, working unabashedly on my musical craft. I'm overwhelmed by the passion and fun in our lives right now.

Thank you for always supporting me, always encouraging my dreams and desires, and for working so hard to provide a great life for us.

You're my hero, sweetheart...



Gabi & Jolie said...

I'm not Dave, and I'm crying.

I agree with you, Lynn. Together you've made your life into everything a life should be. It's an honor to be close enough to read all about it.

Sunny said...

Dave and Lynn,

I know you both since you are living here in Holland and I you are both two sweethearts.

I enjoy to see how you love your life in Holland.