Monday, March 19, 2007

MBS is back on the air...

I still have much to learn about my husband's Jewish heritage, but if there's one thing I have indeed picked up on, it's the value of gathering family and friends to eat great FOOD!

Of the few Jewish delicacies I have tasted, however, one in particular has had lasting impression: matzo ball soup.

Starting last fall, Dave and I began a tradition of having matzo ball soup every Sunday night: thus, MBS (Matzo Ball Sunday) was born.

I got my matzo legs after a couple of tries and realized this would be a great thing to share with our friends (see above: tradition noted by this goy observer).

And last night, after a month off due to house stuff and travel, MBS was back on.

We welcomed Carly and Bas for what was a stellar round of MB's. Timed just right. Seemingly overwhelmed by post-MB-consumption joy, we struck up a couple rounds of Yahtzee (or, as the Dutch say, "Yaht-ZAY") and bubbly. A fun night was had by all. (Thanks for coming over, C and B!)

I'm not quite sure how, exactly, our interpretation and frequent utilization of the matzo ball fits into Jewish tradition. But from everything I've experienced with my in-laws thus far, laughing and loving over some tasty traditional food is a beautiful part of being Jewish.

So come on out and join us...Dave, Rem, Helen and I would love to see you as our next MBS guests!


p.s. - Maybe we could have a Lefse and Hot Dish Tuesday as well???

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Gabi & Jolie said...

Jews around the world congregate and weep. To know us is to love a matzo ball.

I kvell from afar.