Monday, April 9, 2007

Had je wat?...

Dave and I checked out a band that a few friends of mine are playing in. New Generation Big Band. I had heard their recent release and was impressed, and the live show did not disappoint. It's a 17-piece band (5 sax, 4 trombone, 5 trumpet and a rhythm section) that plays mostly groove-oriented stuff (think Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind and Fire, etc.). Most of it is original. Written and arranged by their leader, a young Dutch trumpet player.

They are doing some really cool stuff. Mixing "old school" big band sounds (more from the '60s than the '30s) with electronic elements, like synthesizer and dj's.

Check them out by clicking here.


(Bro...this band is what would've happened had you, Dunham, Polucha, Perron, Tollas and the rest of the gang decided to stick it out and go pro. Playing-wise, it's right up your alley.)

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