Sunday, April 1, 2007

The huis that launched a thousand trips to Ikea...

Oh Helen...Your many corners, angled walls, and sloping floors have us a bit mystified. Although I'm rather certain Paris will keep her hands off of you this time, Dave and I won't stop singing your praises for many months to come.

In short, we love our new house (whom I have affectionately named "Helen").

Check out some of our new additions to the house. Namely, furniture - which Helen was lacking nearly in entirety when we moved in. A time-staking and somewhat costly undertaking, we are still loving the whole process and can't wait for the next delivery to come.

Dave made huge progress this weekend in our technology department. He wired the main room with surround sound speakers, which lovingly emit the soundtracks for whatever our high definition projector is throwing on the wall. Yes, it's about ten years beyond my understanding, but Dave loves it and I am easily dazzled by the beautiful quality of the movies we watch. I foresee plenty of movie-watching parties in our future.

It feels a little self-important of me to go on and on about Helen, but many of you have asked about her and how the furnishing is going. So here are a few snapshots.

(And as ever, I'm trying to temp uncertain visitors to commit to buying plane tickets and coming out here. I hope these pictures take me one step closer to my goal.)

The first one is of the great room. It's still missing the couch and dining chairs (the current couch is a loaner), but you get the idea. The next one is of the guest room, followed by a picture of what is, perhaps, Dave's favorite part of the house...a turn-of-the-century safe built into the wall in the guest room. And last but certainly not, the kitchen. By Amdam standards, this could be the kitchen in the Topkapi Palace. It's about three times the size of our last kitchen with all sorts of cooking ecoutrements. We love it!

Missing are pictures of the master bedroom, my office, and the patio, but those will be sure to come at some point.

Love to all,

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Gabi & Jolie said...

Dave, I'm with you. That safe takes my breath away. Helen is clearly a woman of mystery, opportunity, and vast creativity. And so well dressed! Makes me want to put on a pot of coffee and stay awhile. . .perhaps noshing on some Futuro Kip. .