Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

It smells like spring. The cold air is fighting its way out the door and the fresh scents of grass and sunshine are falling on the Herengracht. Even the wafting cigarette smoke from neighborhood cafes smells lighter, sweeter. Today was overcast but still warm which, had I closed my eyes, may have convinced me I was experiencing Indian summer, not April's thaw.

I took Remmie for his evening walk and had the pleasure of running into many neighbors who are quickly turning into good friends. From a dog's vantage, our area is a perfect breeding ground for lots of great doggie friendships. There's Mrs. Van Baerle, the Cairn terrier across the canal. Rintje, the sweet-faced Fox Terrier (the subject of a famous Dutch children's book series, written and illustrated by one of his owners). Lotje, the Jack Russell Terrier who diligently guards his owner's chocolate shop. And - new to the friend list - Piraat, who lives on a ground floor apartment. Her owners cut a hole in the door big enough for her to stick her head out of when someone passes. Remmie is making friends all over.

Our new address is ripe with all sorts of great memories waiting to happen. And starting with summer, when seemingly everyone brings tables and chairs onto the sidewalk to eat dinner and drink wine, this should be no task at all.

Taking a deep breath of everything around me,


Gabi & Jolie said...

Dear Lynn,

Please write a novel.

I can't get enough,

Anna said...

Your lovely diary of posts and pictures has inspired me to blog a little of my own. Visit me if you like. It's a little random and I don't often get a chance to update it, but it's there!

Hey, and check out Andrew Bird's show when he comes to Amsterdam next month, see: http://www.andrewbird.net/shows.shtml

I can't wait to keep reading about your news!