Sunday, May 20, 2007

365 short days ago...

Dave and I signed the deal. Vows exchanged. Cupcakes eaten. Toasts made.

What a way to start our married life together. A weekend that will live on in infamy.

As the months have passed, I have thought often about how many of you drove and flew to be with us that day. Amazing. And for all of the cards and gifts sent by those of you who couldn't make it. Dave and I are so absolutely blessed to have friends and family like you all.

Lynn and Dave

p.s. - Hey sweetie, I love you so much. One down...sixty or so to go... Happy Anniversary.


fi said...

Happy Happy Anniersary you guys! we made it back from Tyscany tonight in one piece, although i saw a whole new side to Anya on the plane back (ugh)! Couldnt go to bed without checking in.... I am hooked!

see you this week Lynn
F xxx

Arthur said...

Has it been a year? Whoa how time flies. Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of that magical time in Carmel.