Friday, May 25, 2007

Wie is Rintje?...

Rintje is een beroemde Nederlander...een hondje uit een series van boeken voor kinderen. Onze buurman, Sieb Posthuma, is schrijver en illustrator van deze boeken.

Remember our friend Rintje who came for a visit last weekend? As it turns out, we had one of Holland's biggest and brightest stars right in our VERY HOME!

Sieb Posthuma - one of his owners - is an extremely talented man who has written and illustrated a popular series of children's books about (you guessed it!)...RINTJE! Our famous house guest. Check out the unauthorized photo of Rintje below to catch a glimpse.

(NOTE: Rintje's publicist wanted to make clear that Rintje has no long-term intentions to continue public displays of affection for Dave. It was merely a gesture of kindness and good cheer. No further comment.)

For those of you across the Pond, there is an American version of the original book ("Rintje") called "Benny."

Great books! SO sweet!

Kids from (especially between the ages of 4 to 8) would LOVE these books.

Getting to know Sieb, Toon, and Rintje has been a wonderful unexpected treat.


Arthur said...

Are you letting us know, in your own special way, that you're gonna write a childrens book? Congratulations Lynn! I, for one (of many) will be looking forward to reading it as soon as it is available.

Laura said...


If you are ever going to write a childrens book please let me know, I am looking forward to read it in English or maybe in Dutch.

What a great neighbours you have Lynn.

Lynn Hutchinson said...

With two comments refering to the notion of my writing a children's book, I thought I should reply.

At various points of my life, I have pondered the idea of constructing some kind of written opus having something to do with musical perception, the psychology of reliogion, or something inbetween. Or maybe a memoir of some kind. A children's book, I had never considered.

Although I must admit, little Remmie was a good of inspiration for such as I could ever have.

Let's see...

Remmie Goes to Amsterdam...?
Remmie-Roo...He Wasn't a Vegetarian...?
Reflections on a Second Life With Two Americans (that might be more of a pre-teen direction)

OH, YOU GUYS! Whether you mean it as a compliment or not, I'm flattered by your enthusiasm. Should such an accomplishment ever get underway, you'll be the first to know!


Laura said...

It is ment as a compliment Lynn and i think you have so many stories to tell about Remmie.

Remember the time you backed cookies with Tiffani and played the games on the floor and Remmie was joining the two of you.

I bet there are more stories to tell and maybe it is good for you anyway to put them on paper. Then I will read them to tell you that they are good ;).