Saturday, May 5, 2007


Every April 30, Hollanders celebrate the birthday of Queen Juliana, the immediate predecessor and mother to the current Queen Beatrix. And they do it in a big orange kind of way. The holiday is Koninginnedag...Queen's Day. People come out of every flat, donning orange attire, drinking beer, and selling whatever unwanted items they can find (basically, it's a nation-wide yard sale).

Amazingly, this is already our third Queen's Day here. This year, we decided to stop out for an hour or so, see our neighbors, and make our way over to Fiona and Damian's house, which is about three blocks away. Two beers, one tosti, one piece of carrot cake, and the purchase of an Olibollen bowl for friend Jenn later, we were at their door. They have a top-floor flat on the block we used to live on on the Keizersgracht. Perfect viewing of all the oranjegekte.

Oh yes...that slightly unflattering photo of me and Dave? My mom wanted to make sure White Bear had good representation at this year's celebration. White Bear's school colors? Black and ORANGE! Thanks for the hats, mom! We felt a little too much like thugs wearing them - didn't want to scare the neighborhood children - but they will come in handy in December! :) So glad you joined in on the spirit of Queen's Day! Maybe next year you could come out for an up-close and personal view of it!

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