Wednesday, June 20, 2007

30 Going on 13...

In the midst of all the excitement, I neglected to get the message out on the actual day, but now I can officially give Dave a blog-style b-day shout out! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!

We wanted to usher in the new decade with style, and what better way to than to invite our friends over to do it. It was such a fun day. A few highlights...

Jenn, Asif and Jenn's mom Gail came over early to drop off a handmake DELICIOUS cake they had made, and to help get the BBQ rolling. NOTE: The shirt Dave is wearing was one of his b-day is one of the t-shirts Adam Sandler wore in 50 First Dates.

Of course, games were played. First, the balloon relay (classic)...Dave, Susie, Jan (our landlord), Vanessa, and Brenda. And then, the good ol' suck-the-hot-tamales-with-the-straw-and-transfer-them-into-another-bowl game. John and son Alex, Asif, Carly and Daan were the players. Carly had a glorious victory on that one.

This was the first party we threw where there were more Dutch present than American and English combined. How about that! It was such a fun time. It's amazing how, after two and a half years in a foreign country, we have collected friends from so many different pockets of life. And so fun to bring them all together to celebrate D's birthday.

Oh yes! And the dogs!

We had three dogs running around the house...a VERY pregnant Piraat from down the street, Senna the yellow lab, and Lotje - the dog from the chocolate shop (see her in the picture with Norm and Brenda).

Thank you to everyone who joined us! And thank you to all of you who sent emails and cards and responses on the evite. Wish we could've magically zapped you all over the ocean.


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