Monday, June 11, 2007

The fun and unexpected...

Unanticipated gems always sparkle the brightest.

Fifteen years ago, a younger version of me walked hallowed halls on the Hill, bumping into new knowledge, insight, and - thankfully - wonderful friends. The kind of friends who you can miss seeing for the better part of a decade, but a simple four-hour long cup of coffee on the Prinsenstraat can make you feel like you never missed a beat.

Long-lost girlfriend (and occasional mistaken "twin") Terra Widdifield and I re-connected about a year ago via email when I discovered she was working for a company that organizes European tours for musical ensembles. And within a year, an opportunity arose for us to connect here in Amsterdam. And what a blast!

Beyond re-telling long-forgotten anecdotes (that were probably much more hilarious to us then Dave, who was a good sport to take it all in), Terra and I found new connections that has us both wondering if somehow we've been signed up on similar Life Plan packages.

Seven short hours - but about a thousand conversational seeds later - and she was back on her way to the airport.

Terra, it was such a gift to see you again. And here's to much shorter distances between future dates!

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