Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As the wind blows...

The voice of wind today was loud and clear. Not stuttering or stammering for a second. Frankly, no other natural forces were about to get a word in edgewise. Moving and changing things around a bit, the wind spoke.

And maybe my notion that rain is the signifier of change needs adjustment.

I just said good-bye to our house cleaner-come-friend Maricel. On Saturday, she is boarding a plane headed for home - the Philipines - for what may very likely be a one-way trip.

We've known Maricel for a year now. She has been a gracious and thorough house manager, always leaving things on Tuesday afternoons 500% better than my best efforts could have ever ascertained. But it wasn't just her expertise in keeping house that lifted our lives.

Maricel is a light. Do you know what I mean? She's one of those rare finds in the world who sees the best in everything and everyone, maintains a steady course - even if it's not a comfortable one, shows genuine gratitude for all happy things in her day, and who has the softness to let people in.

Admittedly, there have been times where I have taken her presence for granted. Much like I take a sunny clear day for granted after weeks without rain. But I'm hoping her legacy of tenderness and care will still waft through our rooms.

Wishing you all the best, Maricel...you always have a home away from home in Amsterdam...

Lynn and Dave

p.s. - Maricel and Remmie had an extra-special bond. She took care of him while we were away and Remmie would always run to the door when she would come in. A second mommy to him for sure!


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