Friday, February 9, 2007

All four seasons in one day...

As past of my effort to fill in some gaps from the first 22 months of life in A'dam, I'll start my gallery with these pictures that Dave took as part of a season study. Winter, spring and fall on the Prinsengracht (on the bridge next to Vergulde Gaper).

A couple of things to note: First, you'll notice the festive nature of the spring shot. That's Konniningen Dag...Queen's Day...April 30th of each year, there's a huge flag-waving beer-drinking fete that spreads across Holland, celebrating the birthday of the current queen's mother. It's a knock-down crazy kind of day, and people come from all over to partake. Amazingly, with all the throngs of alcohol-happy folks running around, it's a very peaceful party. Few cops around and rarely any brawls of any kind. A mystery, really.

Second, the church tower you see in the background is that of the Westerkerk. This church is across the street from where Anne Frank wrote her diary in hiding. The church bells of which she speaks are those of the Westerkerk.

Third, check out autumn here. Gorgeous.

I hope you enjoy these! There will be more random pictures yet to come...


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