Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And a "GOOD HEAVENS!!"...

I just listened to the TWENTY THREE messages left on my 651 number, of which I was so proud to post to you all.

Again, I'm SO SO sorry for the unreturned calls! (And Dane, your once-every-two-days quest has not gone unnoticed, my friend!)

You would think that after two years, I would have figured out how to keep up the phone calls back to the Mainland. It's tricky. As you know, given the time difference, the only time that works to call you guys is during the evening, when I'm usually being wife to my sweet husband, cook for two, dog mom to Remmie, and doer of homework for school. Maybe if I mastered biking and talking on the phone at the same time (like our Dutch compadres), that would help.

Please hang in there with me...We'll be moved next week, and I have a week off of school as well, so we can indeed catch up by phone. That, and I think now I've got it set up so I will actually HEAR a ring when you call AND I'll get the messages right away. I had it set up in a strange way before.

(Forget the Conservatory... I need to go to Internet Telephone School!!!!)

I am so very lucky to have you, friends. Thank you for braving the sometimes choppy waters of international communication.

Love always,

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