Sunday, February 18, 2007


I heard from a few of you lately that you've tried to reach me on my 651 number (as posted a few weeks ago) and haven't been able to get through.

Lo and behold, my account was set up so that I wouldn't receive messages left.

Eash. So sorry about that, folks. And here you were probably thinking I was call-back-challenged. Although that may be the case to some extent, in this instance, it's a technicality.

So, to those of you who contributed to the twenty three messages I didn't know about until ten minutes ago, my apologies. And on top of that, this week is crazy busy, what with packing and furnishing our new place. I'll start coming back to the world after the 26th of this month.

Thanks for checking in. Thanks for the calls. And sorry for any frustration!

Love to you all,

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