Friday, February 9, 2007

Kalkoen en aardappellen...

...Also known as turkey and potatoes.

I'll begin by stating the obvious: Thanksgiving is an American holiday. It really is.

In my American-centric brain, it was actually a minor adjustment to grasp the concept that not everyone knows of that tryptophane-laden day of the year where the goal is to eat more than your body weight. (That, and I guess it's hard to picture Holland celebrating the conquering of native American lands by English settlers. Seriously. The Dutch have enough to party over (see Queen's Day description below). They have to draw the line somewhere.)

In an effort to import some of the best US traditions, American-gone-Amsterdam friends Jenn and Asif hosted a Thanksgiving party that will never go forgotten. It was amazing. 20 people in their flat. 8 countries represented: America, England, Spain, Japan, Holland, India, Russia, and Australia. Many had never had a Thanksgiving before. Dave and I giggled to ourselves as we watched rookie T-Day goers fill their plates early in the game, only to wind up passed out on a couch 20 minutes later. Classic.

Also classic was the viewing of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special (thanks to my personal IT tech!), the baking of homemade apple pies by me, the playing of early afternoon football (not "footie" football), and the uber-impressive accomplishment of Dave mashing...count 'em...FIFTY potatoes, as he was the sole provider of the 'tots. A very important role, indeed!

And, imagine carting potatoes and pies via bicycle! The fun never stops here. It really doesn't.

Can't wait to see what happens this Thanksgiving. Visitors are welcome with open arms for a very A-dam Thanksgiving. (Just don't be surprised or offended if we ask you to bring canned pumpkin with you.)

Gobble gobble,

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