Sunday, February 11, 2007

More pictures of our little Love Machine...

I don't remember where the first picture was taken, but the second was on a day trip that Rem I and took to Brugges, Belgium. The third picture is from a lazy day at Westerpark, a big park near our house. The next picture is from Halloween...Remmie dressed up as a congressman. Dave took the last picture of the two of us at our favorite canalside cafe on the Leliegracht.

Yes, we're a little crazy for Rembrandt.


Dane said...

This blog is great, I feel like I know what's going on in your life again.

Check your messages, I left you a few!

Hope all is well.


Dane said...

Ik dacht misschien uw nieuwe taal zou werken.

Oproepen me!

Liefde, Deen

Dane said...

Peut-ĂȘtre Français?

Donnez-moi un anneau.


Sunny said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for letting us into your live, please give Rembrandt a big for me. I cant wait to do it myself again at the office.