Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Een zondag morgen in Amsterdam...

Sunday mornings are the week's haven.

There's settled sense of stillness in our neighborhood on Sunday mornings. No car noise. Hardly any bikes, except for one I saw heading over the bridge in the distance. Not even pedestrians are awake, other than a few fellow dog walkers.

A scooter passes by and it's the only human-made sound I've heard in ten minutes, save my own footsteps and the soft clicking of Remmie's on the cobblestone.

Houseboats bob like toys in a bathtub. The canals are completely still. And the birds chirp and caw a soundtrack that blankets the Keizersgracht, our home address for only three more days.

I took these photos last Sunday. Remmie and I had a nice slow quiet walk that morning. I think even he loves the peace of Sunday mornings.

To Sunday mornings...

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