Friday, February 9, 2007

Een leuke avonde met wijn en muziek...

The weekend before our trip to Rome, Dave and I hosted our neighbors and a few friends (14 attended) for an evening of wine, delicacies (thanks to gourmet friend Jenn!), and piano music. I played a small set of classical pieces (including Chopin's Ballade in G Minor - a premiere performance for me) followed by a composition / improvisation exercise. Each person attending was given a small piece of staff paper, upon which they had to place a minimum of 12 dots.

I ended up playing each person's piece, improvising subsequent phrases and playing in various styles. It was a riot! I wasn't sure how our seemingly conservative Dutch neighbors were going to take to this, but they were great! If I'm not mistaken, there was even some friendly competition for the "best new work written in ten minutes" award. Good fun.

We have come a long way in getting to know and understand our Dutch community. I was so glad to formally host them in our home, to share laughs and wine with them. It was a great night.

Still cleaning out the cupboards of 2006! More to come, no doubt...


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Sunny said...

Dear Lynn and David,

What a pleasure to look at this blog.It is great fun to see your comments about Amsterdam and the bakkery at the corner (by the way it are Appel Flappen ;-)).I love to see the pictures.

Lets hope for a nice spring time so we can get the barbeque out again and have some fun in my back garden and hopefully Dave can join in also this time.

Love and Kisses,