Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where to find them...

As promised, here are the links to some of the players from our wedding. Check them out!

John Torres, singer/songwriter (LA): click here
Jason Joseph, singer/songwriter (LA): click here
Nick Amoroso, drummer (LA): click here
Marcus Gerakos: click here
Brian Song (bass), Nick and I played with Shane Mills, another LA-based singer/songwriter. Here's Shane's info: click here
Marcus Ashley, long-time friend, musician and actor: click here
Annie Little, Marcus's girlfriend, musician and actor: click here
Jeff Bauer, pianist/composer (LA): click here

Other key players that night:
Arthur Schwartz, pianist during cocktail hour
Kerri Fabyanske, violinist
Logan Fabyanske, saxophone
Jenn Alexander, lead vocalist

(Hey guys...if you have new websites or MySpace info, please send it to me so I can post!)

Again, lots of love and gratitude to all...


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